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For a brand to grow, it’s necessary to attend large industry events, expos, and trade shows. However, there’s a catch: Presenting at a trade show is a significant undertaking. It requires an enormous amount of logistical planning and design, a strong team, and reliably constructed booth.

Beyond that, there’s the capricious nature of large events—it’s impossible to predict what will happen on the day of the show. For a business owner or marketing executive, planning a trade show on top of daily work isn’t just exhausting, it’s near impossible.

That’s where we come in.

We create beautiful, demand-driving Orlando exhibit rentals that boost foot traffic and drive quality leads to your business.

When we founded Exponents Orlando, we had one goal in mind: Use our expertise in marketing, design, and business to help brands and companies reach their fullest potential. We know how hard you work, and how busy your life and job can be.

That’s why we’re here to alleviate the stress and demand that comes with attending a major conference or trade show in Orlando. With Exponents, brands retain complete creative control over their upcoming Orlando trade show rental booth without needing to stretch themselves too thin. We study your brief, speak to you about your goals and brand, and then allow you to step back while we delve into the heavy lifting and logistics.

Our Work.

Check out our amazing designs from high end 50’x50’s to custom 10’x20’s

  • 20x30 Event Booth
    20x30 Event Booth Display
  • 20x20 Custom Rental Booth Design
    20x20 Custom Booth Design
  • 20x20 Custom Booth design
    GT Robot
    20x20 Custom Exhibition Booth Design
  • Google
    20x20 Custom Stand Design
  • FormFast
    30x30 Custom Trade Show Booth Design @ HIMSS, Orlando
  • 20x20 Orlando Custom booth design
    20x20 Custom Booth Rental @ Sap Sapphire, Orlando
  • 20x20 trade show rental booth @ HIMSS, Orlando
    Health Grid
    20x20 Custom Exhibit Design @ HIMSS, Orlando
    Sekure ID
  • 20x20 Custom Booth rental in orlando
    Red Hill
    20x20 Custom Booth Design @ ACG Conference,Orlando
  • 800 Sqft Custom Rental booth at Wind Power, Orlando
    Upwind Solutions
    20x40 Custom Rental Booth at Wind Power, Orlando
  • UAM
  • Recom-min

What Can One Expect from Working with Exponents?

We’ve simplified the complex development process and made event logistics and Orlando booth rental easier than ever.

Let’s break it down.

  • Step 1: Brief Us

    Your brief is the foundation of this project. Nobody knows your brand like you do, and we expect that you already have a vision for the marketing and aesthetic of your display booth.

    This is one of our favorite parts of our job—we love bringing your ideas to life. As soon as we’re briefed, we’ll begin to configure how we’ll bring your vision to life

  • Step 2: Choose a Booth

    When it comes to trade show displays, every brand has different needs. Size, utilities, wall placement, and furniture are all important elements to consider when selecting your booth.

    We offer a vast collection of booth rentals in every size, with amenities and details to suit your needs at any budget, and we’re here to offer advice and assistance on selecting the best one.

  • Step 3: Meet Your Project Manager

    Management of a large event project like an expo is no small job. It requires hours of diligent work, communication, and organization.

    Chances are, your company already has enough on your plate in preparing for the upcoming trade show. By welcoming a dedicated project manager to your crew, you are ensuring a smoother experience and a happier team.

    Your Exponents project manager will be your main liaison between your team and ours while we construct your display. They will also make sure both sides are hitting appropriate milestones and deadlines as the big day approaches.

  • Step 4: Collaborate and Innovate

    It’s time to create your booth! Our designers will collaborate directly with your creative team to create an innovative and on-brand display that you’ll remember for years to come.

    Your team will have the final say on every detail, from furniture and color schemes to specialty graphics. Best of all, this can be done remotely, so no matter where in the world your business is based, Exponents will be working by your side.

  • Step 5: Get Back to Work

    It’s time for you to train your expo staff, plan your event marketing, and make travel arrangements. Meanwhile, our team will be constructing your booth to the specifications of your brief and our collaborations.

  • Step 6: Give Us Your Feedback

    When you work with Exponents, you aren’t just a client—you’re our partner. We know how important this upcoming show is for you, and we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

    That’s why we constantly keep you in the loop by sharing 3D renderings and in-depth drawings as we build your booth.

    Before the big day, we always arrange a dry run at our workshop, so everybody is confident that the booth is exactly as imagined, and will run smoothly at the expo. At this point, if you have any concerns, share it with our team, and we will ensure that it’s changed in time for the big day.

  • Step 7: It’s Showtime!

    On the day of the expo, you and your team should only have one concern: Having a great show! Technical details should not even cross your mind—and with us, they don’t have to.

    We will deliver and install your display before the show, allowing you to meet with your team and properly prepare. We will also send along on-site supervision staff to help your day run smoothly, in case of any unexpected surprises.

  • Step 8: Celebrate a Successful Expo

    Time to pop open a bottle (or two!) of bubbles. You did it!

    After a long day at an expo, you deserve to reward the hard work that you and your team put in for this event. After an exhausting day, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how to disassemble your booth.

    That’s why the Exponents team takes care of dismantling, cleanup, transportation, and storage after your show.